5 Psychic Scams That You Should Avoid!

Individuals have used psychics for centuries to obtain guidance and advice for their lives. Genuine psychics can be incredibly helpful and pass along authentic information, but there are psychics out there (both real and fake) that are so money-hungry that they’re willing to scam their clients. By recognizing the warning signs of a scam, you can avoid them and stick with compassionate, caring psychics who only wish to help you.

  1. You’re Cursed

Here’s how this scam usually plays out: you encounter an affordable psychic who spends the session divulging information or messages. Near the end of the session, the psychic reveals that there is “dark energy” around you and that somehow, you’ve become the victim of a curse. This is responsible for all of the bad things in your life and the misfortune you have suffered and are going to suffer.

There is a spell or ritual or process for lifting the curse but the cost is very high. There will probably be some ploy designed to instill a sense of urgency in you as well. The psychic might say something like, “things have been bad so far but I sense that it’s about to get a whole lot worse.” This kind of scam can come from fake psychics but it can also come from real psychics who are misusing the gift they have been given.

Any genuine psychic who took their gift seriously would perform said ritual or spell or process free of cost out of the interest of helping others. In addition to this, are you really the type of person who has enemies so powerful that they’re capable of putting a dark curse on you? Please don’t fall for this scam.

  1. Making Someone Fall in Love

Another common scam is a psychic promising to make someone fall in love with their client. It can be very difficult to deal with unrequited love and at times, subject to emotion and heartbreak, people can become desperate enough to consider doing whatever possible in order to have the object of their affections return that love.

Unfortunately, it is simply not true that a psychic can perform this miracle; forcing someone to love another person would be taking away their free will and even if a legitimate psychic had the power to do it, they wouldn’t dream of it. Genuine psychics may attempt to provide guidance or information that will lead clients to their true loves, but will never promise to actually make someone fall in love with another person.

  1. They Can Heal Your Sickness

In the same way that a person can become desperate enough to try and make someone fall in love with them, poor health issues can send them looking for alternative methods of healing. Scammers can quickly pick up on this and some psychics may promise that they can perform spells or rituals that will heal your sickness.

These scammers have promised to heal everything from diabetes to cancer, and it’s just not true. Never believe someone who says they can heal your illness. A legitimate and caring psychic may offer up advice for spiritual strength and healing, or may recommend alternative methods of healing, but they will never say they can cure a person.

  1. For More Money, They Can Reveal…

This scam is where a psychic baits a client into spending much more money. It typically starts out like an affordable reading and the psychic will reveal small bits of real or fake information in order to get the client interested. At this point, they will say something like, “If you’re able to put up a payment for this amount, I can reveal the major future happenings,” or “I see something huge coming your way, but this type of reading isn’t covered with the typical rate.”

Although it can be tempting to pay the additional money just to see what the psychic says, this is a classic psychic scam and should be avoided. If he or she can’t reveal this “big information” for the rate they advertised or promised, then you can bet they’re a scammer looking for their next mark.

  1. Items for Sale

The “items for sale” scam is something that typically happens when clients visit psychics in person. The psychic might tell the individual that they’re suffering from bad karma or that they have negative energy in their home, etc. To help with this issue, the psychic is willing to sell some items that will help the client. It could be anything from candles and incense to magic bags or similar items. The idea is that if these items are placed within the home, the negative energy will be dispelled or some similar idea. In reality, the psychic is really just trying to make money on items that mean nothing.

Learning to spot these scams is the first step in helping people avoid them. Understand that a legitimate psychic will do everything they can to guide their clients in the right direction and reveal hidden truths but they will never attempt to prey on a vulnerable person just to make money.

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