Changing Careers With The Help of a Psychic

A career is a person’s livelihood. Being as such, much time and energy is spent on choosing a career path, studying for it, applying for a job that’ll get you on your way, building that career, and making daily choices which affect your career purview. The job of a career psychic is to help you with difficult career-related issues so that you might approach these issues with a sense of calm and clarity.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

First off, a psychic reading can help you choose the career which best suits you, a fulfilling career utilizing your gifts and talents. Gifts and talents are inborn for a reason. When you aren’t allowed the freedom to express them in your career, it’s difficult to be satisfied with your work. On the other hand, a career which exercises your strong points is so satisfying, it may not feel like work at all. In fact, excelling within a work environment which encourages one’s creative growth is much easier than in an environment which stifles it. Needless to say, advice about which career will promote your talents is invaluable.

If you’ve found that “right” career, and you’re simply having difficulties finding a job, psychics can help in this area as well. A psychic will identify issues that might be holding you back, such as problems with approach or presentation. People who might have conflicts at work or who might be seeking a promotion can also be aided similarly by a psychic reading. If you believe you might be fired, a psychic will identify the mitigating factor and offer insight to avoid job loss.

Thinking of launching a start-up? A psychic can also help you identify the aspects of your business plan which should be addressed and can reveal to you the possible hidden issues which may hinder success.

Changing Horses Midstream

Have you spent the early part of your work life in the wrong choice of career? If you’ve only just realized dentistry was not your cup of tea, consult a psychic, and see if you can avoid wasting even more time and money on further career training. Some people choose careers based on the paycheck. They believe that if their career is prestigious or lucrative, then they’re bound to be happy, but this is most certainly not always the case. Some with this mindset work hard, spend thousands on training, and waste decades on a career that only brings them misery.

Often a psychic reader will focus your attention, allowing you to discover the key to career happiness – your heart’s desire. If you’re just entering the career world, this will allow you to discern the right field. If you’re changing horses midstream, a psychic’s expertise will slow the current and help you navigate the proper route, making the career change an easier transition. A psychic’s advice may reveal that your path to career happiness might not exactly be as lucrative as the practical half of your brain had originally designed. But if you follow your heart’s desire, you’ll often find that ends meet, and that you’re much happier when career exercises your talents. You’ll also be more motivated to improve yourself in more ways than one.

However, though perhaps you don’t feel, in this moment, that you’re in the right career, the possibility exists that you’re simply going through a rough patch. In this case, psychics can advise you not to jump ship prematurely. At times, people feel burnt out by work. This may not mean that you’re in the wrong career. Instead, maybe a stressful conflict has simply arisen among colleagues which needs resolving. A psychic advisor can advise you on that. Or perhaps your career is right, but your workplace is wrong. Realizing this, a psychic reader will advise you to look for an environment which will better support you and help you grow.

Career Goals

A career psychic will work with you to create goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. Once you and your psychic have done so, all you must do is follow the plan in order to achieve your career goals and, thus, success. Be aware of opportunities. Your psychic can help navigate, but he or she won’t be able to predict every which twist or turn or steer the wheel for you. Taking action yourself will open doors to opportunity.

Though good psychics don’t always tell you what you want to hear, and though you might need to make some significant changes, you will certainly see results if you put in the work. On average, we spend roughly 16% of our lives at our jobs, so determining you’re at the right one, and making the right decisions, is most definitely worth it.

What Is Psychic Channeling?

Psychic channeling in its most basic form is defined when an individual has the ability to receive and relay information from an entity outside of their selves, usually whilst in a meditative or trance-like state.  Many of us mistake psychic channeling for a typical movie séance, where a medium asks participants to hold hands around the table moments before her head drops down. When the medium lifts her head again, she is often glassy-eyed and speaking in another voice.

Of course this is not completely fantastical, there are many mediums that can channel a spirit directly in the same (yet much less dramatic) manner, but psychic channeling actually comes in many more forms; psychic healing, telepathy, automatic writing and the ability to use a ouija board all fall under the same category.  As many of us have at least some amount of latent psychic ability, you may have accidentally tapped into psychic channeling at some point, but dabbling with it without experience is extremely dangerous.

Who Do Psychic Channelers Channel?

A psychic channeler can channel more entities than you may first think. On the whole, psychic channelers generally communicate with the dearly departed, but some have been known to communicate with angels and demons and in some extreme circumstances, even living people. Remember, the art of psychic channeling is simply receiving and relaying information from an outside source, so the source simply needs to be ‘outside’.

How Does Psychic Channeling Work?

Some experts believe that psychic channeling is the connection of a conscious mind to a particular, and often higher frequency. These experts believe that we are all connected to one great energy source and that the ability to channel psychically is the individual mind making a connection to that source. Other experts believe that the gift is simply a direct link to the great beyond, a reception of directed thought that is projected from the spirit world.

There are many different ways that a psychic channeler can channel an entity no matter which explanation is believed. Methods of psychic channeling will differ depending on who you speak to, but as with any hobby/art/trade, they utilize whatever method feels comfortable. Some channelers find that music helps them to communicate.  Avid readers and creative writers prefer to communicate through automatic writing. Recorded methods of communication range from dancing and sports to gardening. Because psychic channeling is a form of connection, the goal is to find the right frequency or open psychic link and work with it to communicate.

Having said that, psychic channeling falls under two main categories; the first is Trance Channeling and the second is Conscious Channeling.

Trance Channeling requires the channeler to reach a very deep meditative state, effectively relinquishing full control of the physical body. This allows the communicating entity to take full control, utilizing both the body and voice of the channeler as it needs, without the knowledge of, or interference from, the channeler. Trance Channeling requires a third party or some form of recording equipment as he or she will have no recollection of the event upon waking. Trance Channeling produces clear and concise material as there is little to no conscience interference with the received information.

Conscious channeling requires the channeler to be fully conscious during all communications, allowing the entity more limited access than trance channeling grants, but is a safer way for the channeler to work with the entity. Conscious channeling allows a blend of both internal and external expression and can offer more diverse information as a result. Conscious channeling encompasses the use of ouija boards, séances, automatic writing, psychic healing and telepathy.

Premonition: Can you see into the Future?

Many people claim to have premonitions in some shape or form, from ideas, manifestations and dreams, all the way to out-of-body experiences; but what do we really know about them as a whole? The basic consensus is that a premonition is a subconscious forewarning of something that is going to happen, an event that will manifest during coming days that is completely random in and of itself. A premonition is generally associated with unexplained anxiety or a “bad feeling”.

Are premonitions good or bad?

A popular misconception is that a premonition is a bad thing. This may be because more documented and realized premonitions tend to be those that stem from an overwhelming fear that manifests itself as an image of impending disaster. Ever heard the old adage that you always remember the bad and forget the good? Well, that applies to premonitions just as much as memories.

Smaller premonitions are intrinsic to our daily lives, whereas dreaming of a car crash is so extreme that it will stand out. Every day, harmless premonitions can appear to us as very simple thoughts that tell us that the next person to walk into the room is our best friend, or to check our mobile phones for a text message mere moments before one appears. An extreme premonition will cause you to react, reaching out to those closest to you, to try to make sense of what has happened.

Who can experience premonitions?

A Premonition can happen to anyone and may occur in a variety of different ways, some of which are more prominent than others. Premonitions typically occur as dreams and Déjà vu, but can extend as far across the scope of psychic phenomena as messages from angels or spirits, to automatic writing. A premonition is yet another hidden jigsaw piece that creates a bigger picture of a sixth sense, another dormant psychic ability that we believe that everybody possesses, but lack the skill to utilize.

Can premonitions be explained?

On the face of it, premonitions seem to contain information from the future that is brought to the present via the human mind. One explanation for premonitions is a theory called “the block universe” which some physicists refer to as the most viable possibility. The hypothesis for the block universe states that everything that has happened or ever will happen is predetermined, that our lives are lived following a predisposed rule and that the human mind sometimes gains access to this already set cosmic information.

Another explanation follows more closely to Déjà Vu. Some spiritualists believe that the concept of reincarnation stems from the karmic view that we live our own lives over and over again, making decisions and choices in an attempt to learn the right lessons and live the life that the powers that be have in mind for us. This hypothesis states that only when we make the right decisions and learn what is intended for us to learn, will we transcend to the afterlife. In this theory, a premonition could simply be the recognition of an event that we have lived through before, but it could also be a guiding hand offering us insight that could lead to our spiritual or religious progression.

Can people develop the ability to have premonitions?

To develop the ability to have premonitions, or to become more “premonition prone”, it’s a good idea to keep a dream diary for the premonitions that come to you whilst you sleep. The idea is to record your premonition as soon as you wake up so that it is fresh in your mind and free from conscious interference. Recording and accepting the existence of premonitions in your life will sharpen your ability to recognize your psychic powers.

Another great way to enhance your ability to have premonitions is to meditate. It is thought that linking the conscious and sub conscious mind through meditation will help you to recognize the intention behind those unexplained feelings that we sometimes label as intuition. Once these feelings become more understandable, they can then be transposed into tangible premonitions of the future.

How to Expand Your Psychic Ability

To be psychic essentially means that you’ve got the ability to perceive and gather information from beyond the five physical senses.  It is an extra sense or sensory perception. Some people call it intuition or a 6th sense and many believe that everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition. This very well could be, but the majority tend to believe that some people are born with an extraordinary gift that if cultivated, can really be spot on when giving psychic readings.

Regardless if you’re born with the gift or not, there are some things you can do to grow your psychic abilities. In fact, some of the best psychics out there discipline themselves to practice these regularly so that they can stay in tune with the spiritual realm. Here are five great ways you can develop your psychic ability:

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a fantastic technique to cultivate intuition and raise your energetic vibration. Implement a little bit of time to meditate each day and you’ll see over time that you’re more relaxed, more in tune with the spiritual realm, yourself, and you feel more confident when it comes to reading others or predicting the future. Meditation also has wonderful health benefits, with people reporting that when they meditate regularly, they feel less stress, have more energy, and generally have a more optimistic attitude toward life.

  1. Practice your psychic ability with small objects

Play around with your psychic ability. Here’s a great exercise. Ask someone to bring small objects to you that belong to other people. Put the objects in your hands, close your eyes, and then focus on your first impressions. Ask yourself if the object belongs to a lady or a man and then write what comes to you as an instinct. Do not second guess yourself. Do this with several objects and see how you did. You can also practice with other things, like trying to “see” what color car will be next coming down the road. Practice as often as you can.

  1. Read reputable books

Develop a passion for reading reputable books that will help you grow you psychic ability. Reading gives you an excellent understanding of the ins and outs of the psychic field and can help you learn from some of the best psychics out there.

  1. Continue expanding your consciousness

As you go about your life journey, continue to shoot for expansion in your mind and spirit. Consciousness is expansive and as conscious beings, we can become more aware of the other dimensions, like the 4th and 5th dimension, and live more from those dimension than simply the 3rd dimension. Listen to consciousness gurus. Meditate frequently. Read spiritual books and attend seminars. Keep the energy moving forward and as a result, you’ll feel more connected to the Source of it all.

  1. Train the mind

Focus is important and training the mind will serve you well in developing better psychic abilities. Use meditation and visualization techniques to bring your thought life more under control, as the quieter your mind is, the more in tune you will be with the information field necessary to do psychic readings.

To further develop your psychic abilities, be patient and have fun with it. The more you enjoy your life journey, the more likely you are to attract amazing things to you and feel more connected with the Universe.  If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a break and go do something you enjoy.

After all, good feelings attracts good things!

How an Akashic Record Reading Can Help You

Do you know that your computer stores every page you visit on the internet and everything you’ve done on that computer? Want to know what you did two months ago on your computer? Check the history, or memory. It’s there.

The Akashic Records are similar, as they are essentially a super computer system for the universe. They are records that record and keep in memory every person’s thoughts, feelings, and deeds from time immemorial. Sound “out there”? It is, but it’s a wonderful kind of “out there”.

The Akashic Records can influence our current life

The Akashic Records, or as some refer to as “The Book of Life”, have a direct effect on our everyday lives in various ways. It’s a fact that the information technology on the planet today has transformed our society in the way we interact, learn, and do things. Twenty five years ago, the inhabitants of the world were not very connected. Today, just about anyone can connect via the internet. In the same way, the Akashic Records influences our world in revolutionary ways all the way from social justice projects to social media venues.

A super library

Many assert that our reality is a hologram and the Akashic Records directly affects the way we perceive our reality. It’s like a super library that includes all of the information that we need in order to live the way we want on this planet. They are updated continually, adding each person’s thoughts, words, and actions.

How can the Akashic Records help me?

It is believed than anyone can access the Akashic Records, but many individuals choose to go to a psychic or Akashic Reader in order to get some information that could help them out. An Akashic Reader has developed the ability to easily access the Akashic Records, either directly or some have Spirit Guides that access the Records for them. Meditation is a great way to cultivate accessing the Akashic energetic field.

What kinds of things can you learn from having an Akashic Reading?

  • Information about your previous lifetimes
  • Current life lessons you are here to learn
  • Future events that will occur in your life
  • Advice from your Higher Self
  • Old traumas that have left a print on your soul, so you can resolve them
  • A greater sense of consciousness once you’ve had a reading
  • You get to realize your oneness with God/Spirit/Source

If you haven’t taken the time to have an Akashic Reading, consider doing it now. You’ve got the answers to your most pressing questions just about at your fingertips. Write down some questions to take to the Akashic Reader. Perhaps not every question will be answered, but you’ll certainly benefit from a reading. All you have to do is step out and trust.

How Can Your Birth Angels Help You?

Psychics believe that there are angels associated with your life to guide you based on the day of the week you were born. These are called your birth angels and can be called upon anytime you feel necessary. Angels are here to guide you and comfort you in times of need. Knowing which angel is most associated with your life based on the day of the week you were born can help you in calling out to your angel.


If you were born on a Sunday, your Archangel is Michael. Michael is the angel of protection and patience. He is committed to your spiritual growth. If you are struggling with feelings of insecurity, call on Archangel Michael for guidance. Also, call on Archangel Michael if you are afraid or nervous, as he will give you his protection and peace.


If you were born on a Monday, your Archangel is Gabriel. Gabriel is the angel of mercy. He is known for bringing emotional balance and communication. If you are struggling with any form of communication or emotions, call on Archangel Gabriel to show you your purpose. He will help you develop new ways to express yourself.


If you were born on a Tuesday, your Archangel is Chamuel. Chamuel is the angel of love and compassion. Archangel Chamuel will help you with self-love, as well as love for others. If you are struggling with insecurities about yourself, call on Archangel Chamuel to show you self-love and compassion.


If you were born on a Wednesday, your Archangel is Raphael. Raphael is the angel of joy and laughter. Joy and laughter are sometimes known as the best healing power. If you are in need of any kind of healing, call on Archangel Raphael to bring you the healing powers of love, joy, and laughter.


If you were born on a Thursday, your Archangel is Metatron. Metatron is the angel that holds the key between the physical world and the divine world. He will clear your mind of clutter and bring you clarity. Call on Archangel Metatron if you are feeling lost or struggling with finding peace.


If you were born on a Friday, your Archangel is Uriel. Uriel is the angel of peace and responsibility. Archangel Uriel can bring peace to the world as well as peace in your world. If your world seems to be falling apart, call on Archangel Uriel to calm the storm and remind you that there is peace. If you are struggling with responsibility, let Archangel Uriel give you the skills to persevere.


If you were born on a Saturday, your Archangel is Cassiel. Cassiel is the angel of spirituality. Archangel Cassiel can show you things in the spiritual world that will better your life. Call on Archangel Cassiel if you are feeling confused or experiencing negative emotions. He is also the angel of teaching, meaning he can teach you all you need to know to succeed in this life.

Positive Affirmations for the New Year

Many people set New Year resolutions in an attempt to prepare their mind and body for changes that need to occur. Common New Year’s resolutions include eating healthier, losing weight, quitting an unhealthy habit, or becoming more successful in the career world. Setting up goals is necessary if you want to better yourself and your future, but you must have the right mindset in order for your desires to come true. Using positive affirmations everyday can let the universe know that you believe in its powers to help you achieve your goals. There are certain position affirmations you can practice each day that will attract exactly what you desire.

Here are several you can repeat:

  • I let go of last year’s mistakes and will only focus on my positive future.

Mistakes will be made. It is inevitable. If you truly want a better future, you must release the regrets of mistakes that have already happened. Learn from your mistakes and understand the changes you must make to not make the same mistake twice.

  • I am creating my own future with joy and passion.

Let the universe know that you are excited about the future. This will allow the universe to change your life in a positive way. You must have joy and passion in every aspect of your life. Speaking positive words and acting on positive actions can only attract positive aspects to your life.

  • Changes are happening; I accept them.

Life is always changing. With this in mind, you must let the universe know that you embrace the change and are looking forward to it. Speak to the universe as if the positive changes to your life are already happening. This will show the universe that you truly are ready for the positive changes it can bring.

  • I am capable of changing my life.

You must have confidence if you want to succeed with the changes in your life. You must have the mindset that you are capable of the changes and will accept them openly. The universe can put new things in order for you, but if you truly want to see positive changes in your life in the New Year, you must make the decisions yourself. Have confidence every day and believe in yourself and the changes that are coming your way.

  • I support myself and my decisions.

You make decisions for a reason. You either weigh the pros and cons of each decision or make a rash decision without thinking about it. Either way, it is a decision that you make and typically you will stick to it. In order to attract positive changes in your life, you must support your decisions and truly believe in them. Let the universe know that you believe in yourself enough to support the decisions you make whether they are good or bad.

Using these positive affirmations every day will attract positive circumstances and changes. If you are radiating positive energies, positive energies will be drawn to you. Use this New Year as a chance to attract all that you desire.