How an Akashic Record Reading Can Help You

Do you know that your computer stores every page you visit on the internet and everything you’ve done on that computer? Want to know what you did two months ago on your computer? Check the history, or memory. It’s there.

The Akashic Records are similar, as they are essentially a super computer system for the universe. They are records that record and keep in memory every person’s thoughts, feelings, and deeds from time immemorial. Sound “out there”? It is, but it’s a wonderful kind of “out there”.

The Akashic Records can influence our current life

The Akashic Records, or as some refer to as “The Book of Life”, have a direct effect on our everyday lives in various ways. It’s a fact that the information technology on the planet today has transformed our society in the way we interact, learn, and do things. Twenty five years ago, the inhabitants of the world were not very connected. Today, just about anyone can connect via the internet. In the same way, the Akashic Records influences our world in revolutionary ways all the way from social justice projects to social media venues.

A super library

Many assert that our reality is a hologram and the Akashic Records directly affects the way we perceive our reality. It’s like a super library that includes all of the information that we need in order to live the way we want on this planet. They are updated continually, adding each person’s thoughts, words, and actions.

How can the Akashic Records help me?

It is believed than anyone can access the Akashic Records, but many individuals choose to go to a psychic or Akashic Reader in order to get some information that could help them out. An Akashic Reader has developed the ability to easily access the Akashic Records, either directly or some have Spirit Guides that access the Records for them. Meditation is a great way to cultivate accessing the Akashic energetic field.

What kinds of things can you learn from having an Akashic Reading?

  • Information about your previous lifetimes
  • Current life lessons you are here to learn
  • Future events that will occur in your life
  • Advice from your Higher Self
  • Old traumas that have left a print on your soul, so you can resolve them
  • A greater sense of consciousness once you’ve had a reading
  • You get to realize your oneness with God/Spirit/Source

If you haven’t taken the time to have an Akashic Reading, consider doing it now. You’ve got the answers to your most pressing questions just about at your fingertips. Write down some questions to take to the Akashic Reader. Perhaps not every question will be answered, but you’ll certainly benefit from a reading. All you have to do is step out and trust.

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