Positive Affirmations for the New Year

Many people set New Year resolutions in an attempt to prepare their mind and body for changes that need to occur. Common New Year’s resolutions include eating healthier, losing weight, quitting an unhealthy habit, or becoming more successful in the career world. Setting up goals is necessary if you want to better yourself and your future, but you must have the right mindset in order for your desires to come true. Using positive affirmations everyday can let the universe know that you believe in its powers to help you achieve your goals. There are certain position affirmations you can practice each day that will attract exactly what you desire.

Here are several you can repeat:

  • I let go of last year’s mistakes and will only focus on my positive future.

Mistakes will be made. It is inevitable. If you truly want a better future, you must release the regrets of mistakes that have already happened. Learn from your mistakes and understand the changes you must make to not make the same mistake twice.

  • I am creating my own future with joy and passion.

Let the universe know that you are excited about the future. This will allow the universe to change your life in a positive way. You must have joy and passion in every aspect of your life. Speaking positive words and acting on positive actions can only attract positive aspects to your life.

  • Changes are happening; I accept them.

Life is always changing. With this in mind, you must let the universe know that you embrace the change and are looking forward to it. Speak to the universe as if the positive changes to your life are already happening. This will show the universe that you truly are ready for the positive changes it can bring.

  • I am capable of changing my life.

You must have confidence if you want to succeed with the changes in your life. You must have the mindset that you are capable of the changes and will accept them openly. The universe can put new things in order for you, but if you truly want to see positive changes in your life in the New Year, you must make the decisions yourself. Have confidence every day and believe in yourself and the changes that are coming your way.

  • I support myself and my decisions.

You make decisions for a reason. You either weigh the pros and cons of each decision or make a rash decision without thinking about it. Either way, it is a decision that you make and typically you will stick to it. In order to attract positive changes in your life, you must support your decisions and truly believe in them. Let the universe know that you believe in yourself enough to support the decisions you make whether they are good or bad.

Using these positive affirmations every day will attract positive circumstances and changes. If you are radiating positive energies, positive energies will be drawn to you. Use this New Year as a chance to attract all that you desire.

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