Premonition: Can you see into the Future?

Many people claim to have premonitions in some shape or form, from ideas, manifestations and dreams, all the way to out-of-body experiences; but what do we really know about them as a whole? The basic consensus is that a premonition is a subconscious forewarning of something that is going to happen, an event that will manifest during coming days that is completely random in and of itself. A premonition is generally associated with unexplained anxiety or a “bad feeling”.

Are premonitions good or bad?

A popular misconception is that a premonition is a bad thing. This may be because more documented and realized premonitions tend to be those that stem from an overwhelming fear that manifests itself as an image of impending disaster. Ever heard the old adage that you always remember the bad and forget the good? Well, that applies to premonitions just as much as memories.

Smaller premonitions are intrinsic to our daily lives, whereas dreaming of a car crash is so extreme that it will stand out. Every day, harmless premonitions can appear to us as very simple thoughts that tell us that the next person to walk into the room is our best friend, or to check our mobile phones for a text message mere moments before one appears. An extreme premonition will cause you to react, reaching out to those closest to you, to try to make sense of what has happened.

Who can experience premonitions?

A Premonition can happen to anyone and may occur in a variety of different ways, some of which are more prominent than others. Premonitions typically occur as dreams and Déjà vu, but can extend as far across the scope of psychic phenomena as messages from angels or spirits, to automatic writing. A premonition is yet another hidden jigsaw piece that creates a bigger picture of a sixth sense, another dormant psychic ability that we believe that everybody possesses, but lack the skill to utilize.

Can premonitions be explained?

On the face of it, premonitions seem to contain information from the future that is brought to the present via the human mind. One explanation for premonitions is a theory called “the block universe” which some physicists refer to as the most viable possibility. The hypothesis for the block universe states that everything that has happened or ever will happen is predetermined, that our lives are lived following a predisposed rule and that the human mind sometimes gains access to this already set cosmic information.

Another explanation follows more closely to Déjà Vu. Some spiritualists believe that the concept of reincarnation stems from the karmic view that we live our own lives over and over again, making decisions and choices in an attempt to learn the right lessons and live the life that the powers that be have in mind for us. This hypothesis states that only when we make the right decisions and learn what is intended for us to learn, will we transcend to the afterlife. In this theory, a premonition could simply be the recognition of an event that we have lived through before, but it could also be a guiding hand offering us insight that could lead to our spiritual or religious progression.

Can people develop the ability to have premonitions?

To develop the ability to have premonitions, or to become more “premonition prone”, it’s a good idea to keep a dream diary for the premonitions that come to you whilst you sleep. The idea is to record your premonition as soon as you wake up so that it is fresh in your mind and free from conscious interference. Recording and accepting the existence of premonitions in your life will sharpen your ability to recognize your psychic powers.

Another great way to enhance your ability to have premonitions is to meditate. It is thought that linking the conscious and sub conscious mind through meditation will help you to recognize the intention behind those unexplained feelings that we sometimes label as intuition. Once these feelings become more understandable, they can then be transposed into tangible premonitions of the future.

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