Asknow Psychic Review

If you’re looking for high quality psychic readings online, then is well worth a visit. Asknow is an established psychic network, having been in business since 1995, and you’ll find some of the best psychics in the country giving readings here. Prices are reasonable and many people feel that Asknow offers very good value for money.

The Asknow website has a professional look and feel to it. When you arrive at the home page, you find everything you need right there in front of you and yet the page doesn’t look cluttered and isn’t confusing. The layout is clean and clear so it’s easy to navigate the site and find the information or services you want.

Types of Psychic Readings Offered

Asknow houses a wide range of psychics that offer a variety of psychic readings covering just about every personal concern and psychic interest most people have. Categories include:

  • Tarot
  • Love and Relationships
  • Money and Finance
  • Careers and Goals
  • Spiritual Guides
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Past Lives
  • Dream Interpretation

You can choose between a regular phone reading or a live chat reading and one of the features that really sets Asknow apart from other sites, is that it offers readings in both English and Spanish. What’s more, Asknow has built a steady reputation over the years as being home to some of the best love and romance readers in the psychic business. You really can’t go wrong at Asknow if you’re looking for clarity on a love or relationship issue.

Advantages of Using

As I’ve already mentioned, Asknow stands out as a psychic network that offers a complete, trustworthy service. Their customer service is second to none, and if you’re not satisfied with your reading, you don’t have to pay. You can contact customer service by phone or email, and you’ll find the staff to be polite, friendly and helpful.

As you would expect from this well-established company, psychics working from here are rigorously screened and tested for their psychic ability. Asknow turns down applications from hundreds of psychics looking to work for them, so you can feel confident that only the best psychics get to work here.

There’s also an excellent FAQ section on the Asknow website that explains how the site works and helps to guide you through the process of using their psychic services.

Special Offers Available

If you’re a first time user you can try 15 minutes for only $10 which I feel is great value for money. All visitors to the site have the opportunity to ask a psychic one free question, and they’ll receive a ‘live’ answer as opposed to an automated answer. All you have to do is visit the home page, fill in your details, submit the form and wait for a psychic to call you back. They also have other money-saving offers for regular customers too.

ConclusionAsknow is an outstanding psychic network that really seems to go the extra mile in all they do. Excellent psychics, exemplary customer service and ease of use make this network one you can rely on.