California Psychics Review

Based in Los Angeles, California, California Psychics provides readings to people all over the world regarding self-awareness, finances, relationships and love. They have more than 185 psychics and will give the reading to you for free should you be unsatisfied with your reading.

What Type of Psychic Readings Are Available?

At this time, California Psychics only offers phone readings to their customers. They do not offer readings via online chat or e-mail. Although not listed on the site, California Psychics offers a variety of readings, such as dream interpretation, astrology, numerology and more. In addition, they offer mediums that will perform their readings with the use of ancient rituals as well as tools, including pendulums, crystals and even rune stones.

How It Works

To receive your first reading, you’ll need to select a psychic. You can do this based on the psychic’s style, subjects and abilities. In fact, there are more than 40 different search filters customers can use to find the right psychic reader. If you click on the “Quick View” option, you will see a short description about the psychic as well as a previous testimonial to help you determine whether this psychic is even in the running to give you your reading. Also, you can listen to a pre-recorded message by the psychic.

In addition, if you need to schedule an appointment because the psychic that you want to use is not available at the moment or you can’t spare enough time for a solid reading, then you can do so. There is a schedule posted for each psychic, so you can easily schedule an appointment that meets your schedule as well as the psychic’s schedule.

Once you’ve selected the psychic of your choice, you can choose a package to purchase. You will be receiving your first reading at $1 per minute and there are three packages: 30 minutes, 20 minutes or 10 minutes. Select your package, move on to pay for your minutes and begin your reading.

Pricing and Special Promos

New customers will receive their first reading for $1 per minute. After that, the pricing varies by the psychics within the network, as they set their own individual per-minute rates. Many will offer a discount on their normal rate for new members only.

Customers receive a one-time 10% discount during the month of their birthday. Then, there’s also the Karma Rewards programs that allows customers to rack up points that can go towards free readings.

Psychic Screening Process

California Psychics regularly tests and re-evaluates their pool of psychics to ensure that they are still able to provide quality readings. They will also monitor the feedback that clients (like yourself) leave for the psychics.

Further, they claim that only two out of 100 applicants are actually selected to work for the network. They go through a rigorous testing process, which tests applicants for compassion, professionalism, desire to help and accuracy.

Customer Complaints

The information is very conflicted for California Psychics. There are many that live by some of the psychics while others say that they give just general information (no REAL details) and that many are very rude while giving their reading. Ripoff Report is one place where you can find some nasty reports of the psychics.

Final Thoughts

While the screening process is second to none, it is a bit disappointing that California Psychics do not offer readings via online chat or e-mail. Unfortunately, you can only receive your reading via telephone, which can turn customers that are strapped for time or a bit shy away. Their hiring process is excellent, though, as is their search process for psychics, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try, but if you aren’t happy with the first experience, I wouldn’t waste money on a second reading.