Hollywood Psychics Review

Hollywood Psychics brand their network as the psychic network for the “cool people,” and it claims that it is the network of choice for unnamed actors, politicians, and businesspeople. In spite of these slightly dubious claims, this network does at least have a reasonably decent reputation in the field. A few of the people who have written reviews have said they got good readings there, and there’s nothing on the site bad enough to scare you off.

Types of Readings

Hollywood Psychics offers 5 types of readings: relationships and sex, family and friends, work and money, horoscopes and entertainment, and “body, mind, and spirit” readings. They also offer dream interpretation. They offer several different formats for their readings, including phone readings, chat readings, and e-mail readings. Each psychic uses the tools of their choice, from tarot cards to astrology.

Screening Process

Hollywood Psychics require their psychics to go through several interviews and readings with current psychics on the network. This peer-to-peer process ensures that most of the psychics on the network are skilled and authentic. It’s not the toughest interview process around but it’s not so loose that there are lots of obvious scammers on the site, either. There was no obvious information on how many people pass this screening process, so much of it may come down to charisma over ability.

Impression of Website

The website is a little cartoonish and disorganized. The pastel colors all over the site are almost cloying, and the cartoon figure that’s supposed to represent the “hip, cool” Hollywood Psychic patron is reminiscent of a 1950s Barbie doll. While none of this has any real bearing on the quality of the readings received it didn’t do a lot to put me at my ease or make me feel like spending my money here would be the best way to get my questions answered. I would have preferred something a little more navigable, as well.

Price and Special Offers

Rates depend on the psychic, though $2.29 per minute seems to be a common rate for most of the psychics on the site. It is not clear whether the network or the psychic sets the rates. This makes Hollywood Psychics neither the most expensive site out there nor the most affordable. Their special offer is kind of weak: 5 minutes free, which isn’t much time to accomplish anything in a reading. It does give you time to ascertain whether or not you are comfortable with a particular psychic, but if you make the wrong choice you could burn your first 5 minutes, easily, trying to find the psychic that’s right for you.


Hollywood Psychics sort of came across as being the “midlist” of psychic networks, neither the best I’ve ever seen nor the worst. It might be a good fit for someone who likes that particular style and approach. All in all I feel like there are stronger psychic networks out there, networks which are a safer bet for spending your time and money.