Kasamba Psychics Review

Live Person Review is what is known as an ‘experts’ website and has been in business since 1995. Experts from a variety of disciplines, such as business and finance, health and medicine and education and tutoring offer their services. The section for psychics comes under the banner of Spirituality and Religion.

There are literally thousands of psychics working from Live Person, hailing from all corners of the globe, so your time zone isn’t a problem if you want to get a reading from this site. It’s also possible to find readers who speak languages other than English on Live Person, making this a truly international site.

Types of Readings

On a site that has so many psychic readers, you would expect to find a wide variety of psychic readings offered; at Live Person, you won’t be disappointed with the choice. There’s everything from aura and crystal readings to graphology and palm readings and psychic reader categories such as career forecasts, love and relationships and financial outlook.

The live person offers phone and lives chat readings. Chat readings are recorded and securely logged so that you can look back on them to see how accurate your psychic reader was.

Web Site Impressions

Live Person is easy enough to navigate, but some people may feel overwhelmed by a large number of psychics there are to choose from. All psychics have their own profile page that they fill out themselves outlining the psychic services they provide. This helps to make it easier for you to choose a psychic, as does the feedback section. Some psychics working from Live Person have over 10,000 feedback reviews, which helps you to sort out the good psychics from the poor quality ones.

Psychic Screening Process

It would seem that there is no screening process at all at Live Person, and that just about anyone who wants to can sign up and offer psychic readings. In some ways customer feedback acts as the vetting process, there are many psychics working here that have thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers, so make sure you read through the feedback to get a feel for the different psychics and the kind of readings they offer.

Prices and Offers

Psychics on Live Person set their own rates per minute and many of the top-rated psychics I found were charging over $15 per minute, which seems quite high. There are, however, a number of psychics with good feedback charging below the $10 mark and some below the $5 mark. If you decide to use Live Person for reading, be sure that you’ve checked the rate per minute of your chosen psychic carefully.

New users get the first 3 minutes of their reading for free, but you have to register with the site first to claim your free minutes. From what I understand, after your first psychic reading, all readings in the Spirituality and Religion section begin with 3 free minutes – probably so that you can make up your mind as to whether the psychic you’ve chosen is right for you and has made a psychic connection with you.


Live Person offers a wide range of psychics to choose from and there are lots of different types of reading on offer. Some people feel that this is a positive feature of the site; others may be put off by this, as it means you can waste a great deal of time reading through the psychic’s individual profiles and feedback.

Cost per minute on the site ranges from low to very high, so do be careful when choosing your psychic that you can afford their rate per minute.