Keen Psychics Review

Keen is a well-known psychic network that has been in business since 1999. It houses an enormous number of psychics, mostly due to the fact that anyone can join the website to offer their psychic services.

As there are lots of psychics working from Keen, the price per minute can vary enormously, with most of the top-rated psychics priced at the higher end of the scale – although some offer lower rates.

The website has a clean, simple layout that makes it easy to navigate. They also have a toll-free customer service phone number available that you can contact them on should you experience any problems or have any questions.

Types of Readings

Keen offers readings by chat and by phone, although not all psychics’ work using the chat medium, so it’s important to read through the psychic’s profile carefully, to find out if they offer the type of reading you want.

Because of the large number of psychics working from Keen, you can get just about any kind of psychic reading you want, although the quality cannot be guaranteed (more on this later). The main categories of readings offered are:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Life Questions
  • Tarot
  • Spiritual
  • Psychic Mediums

Other categories include Feng Shui, Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Pet Psychics and Otherworld Connections. And if you’re interested in getting an astrology reading, you’ll find Western, Chinese, Mayan and Vedic astrologers offering their services. Web Site Impressions

As I’ve already mentioned, Keen is easy enough to navigate. Psychics write their own profiles and are able to customize them, because of this, some psychic’s profiles seem unprofessional, and some are very wordy.

The sheer number of psychics working from the site can feel overwhelming; there is just too much choice, although some people may find this to be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Psychic Screening Process

This is the biggest problem that most people have with Keen. Anyone can set up a psychic provider account on this website and offer psychic services; this means that you can’t be sure that your chosen psychic is genuine.

If you have a lot of time to trawl through profiles, you should be able to find one to meet your needs, but if you prefer to be able to select a psychic quickly, safe in the knowledge that they have been screened and tested, you may find this aspect of Keen a turn off.

On a more positive note, bad psychics are usually weeded out early on in their online career because of negative feedback left by customers. If you choose to use Keen, it may be safer to choose one of their top-rated psychics and be sure to read all psychics feedback thoroughly to avoid being disappointed with your experience.

Prices and Offers

Psychics set their own rates per minute, which range from $1.99 to anything up to $19.99 per minute, so make sure you check your chosen psychic’s rates carefully.

If you’re new to Keen, you get the first 3 minutes of a reading for free and can choose any reader from the site to use your free minutes.


There are some excellent psychics working out of Keen, but the main problem with this site is that there are just too many psychics to choose from; you could spend hours trawling through the various profiles. The fact that psychics are not vetted or screened also means that your experience could be a hit or a miss.

On the plus side, Keen offers customers refunds of up to $25 if they aren’t happy with their reading; however, you must follow their procedure and should understand that they do not guarantee that refunds will be given.