Oranum Psychic Network Review

Oranum is one of the newer psychic networks online. However, that doesn’t mean that they are any less legitimate. In fact, their main headquarters are in Poland, where they have been in business for numerous years.

Oranum stands by the fact that they are the first ever psychic and spiritual community across the globe to offer free chat to their customers. Oranum connects psychics, tarot masters, healers, clairvoyants, astrologers, and more from all over the world with users that want an insight into their relationship, career, life, etc.

What Type of Psychic Readings Are Available?

Oranum offers three types of readings: e-mail, chat and web cam. While it is disappointing that Oranum does not have telephone readings, the fact that they offer webcam readings make up for it. Web cams allow the customers to actually see the psychic reader as they are giving the reading. It provides a more intimate, personal experience. If you have a web cam, they can see you as well. Alternatively, if you do not have a web cam, you can use the chat box or a microphone to communicate with your reader while they communicate live via their web cam.

How It Works

It is free to register with Oranum and a username must be supplied. Once you’ve registered with your personal information and e-mail address, you will need to choose your psychic. This is where the best part of Oranum comes into play: there is a free chat every single time with any of the online psychics. This provides the opportunity to connect and if that connection is not there and you believe that the psychic simply cannot help you gain the answers you are looking for, you can move on to a different psychic and not have to worry about any fees whatsoever.

While you are taking part in the free chat and the psychic is getting prepared to give you your reading, you can add credits to your account to pay for your reading. Then, all that is needed to get started with your reading is to click “Start Consultation” on the psychic’s page and the private psychic reading will begin. At this point in time, you can chat with your psychic via type, microphone or webcam.

Pricing and Special Promos

Users will start with a free chat and then the pricing for the actual reading will vary from one psychic to the next. There are no special discounts or free minutes for new users, but with the free chat, you are still receiving something of value.

There are several promotions that Oranum has going on at any given time. At the time of this review, there are three different promotions, all of which end in free Oranum credits or a free VIP reading. Two of the promotions require you to be a fan on Facebook and actually participate in posts – liking, commenting and sharing. There is a chance to win a free VIP reading with one of the best psychics on the Oranum psychic network and the other is a chance to win 9.99 credits each month. The third way to earn credits is to leave a positive review of the Oranum app on Android or Apple devices. Your username must be sent in after you’ve left your positive review in order to receive the 10 free credits.

Psychic Screening Process

Unlike many other online psychic networks, Oranum actually screens their psychic applicants. They test each psychic via methods of their own and look for a desire to help and strong spiritual abilities in order to bring the best of the best to their customers.

Customer Complaints

On RipOffReport.com, there aren’t many customers that have complaints other than the fact that a few psychics were rude. Other than that, it is just individuals that do not believe psychics exist. With little negative feedback, this is a good thing. This just simply means that Oranum may in fact be one of the best networks online. Of course, always check psychic feedback to get a feel for the psychic and what they delivered in the past before moving forward with them.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of different online psychic networks out there, but Oranum is a unique network. Not only can you use a web cam to see and communicate with your psychic, you have the opportunity to chat with the psychic for free prior to paying for their services. This is something that is very rarely heard of. In my personal opinion, this would definitely be one of the best networks to use if you were interested in receiving advice and finding clarity.