Are Free Psychic Readings Really Free or Just A Scam?

Many people look online for free psychic readings, but is there really such a thing as a free reading? The answer to this question, is yes, and no.

While it is possible to get some sort of psychic reading for free, the quality of that reading may leave a lot to be desired. As the saying goes, “you don’t get something for nothing,” and this is generally true for psychic readings.

Here’s a run-down on the different types of free readings you will see being offered online.

Special offers

Some psychic companies advertise the fact that they give free readings; on closer inspection, you’ll often find that certain conditions are attached to these special offers, and this usually involves payment of some kind.

Your free reading may consist of something like 3 free minutes towards a full reading; to get this, you’ll probably have to sign up to their website and create an account anyway. The company hopes that once you’ve had your free minutes you’ll want to hear more and then pay for a full reading.

If you only use your free minutes, you’re not going to get a satisfactory reading as your psychic will only just be getting started. These offers are created to entice new clients and build their customer base; in reality, your free minutes may not be very useful at all.

Foot in the Door

Some unscrupulous psychics offer a free reading to lure you into buying another, usually expensive, reading. Psychics using this scam charge for a second reading, but will offer you a “free” reading first as a taster, fooling you into thinking that you’re getting a two-for-one bargain.

The free reading may be of poor quality, too general and use cold reading techniques; these are techniques and statements used by fake psychics that apply to just about anyone.

The psychic may tell you the things you want to hear in the first reading, or make exciting predictions that hook you in. This type of reading makes you eager to get a second reading, so that you can discover more about the wonderful things that are going to happen in your future.

By the time you’ve had your first reading, you’ve already paid for the second one, which may be inaccurate, uncaring or vague. Always check that by agreeing to a free reading you won’t be charged for a second one as a matter of course.

Automated readings

Some psychic websites offer automated free readings; these may consist of tarot card readings where you click on images of the cards or type your date of birth into a box to get a free numerology report or similar.

This type of reading is usually for fun only, and it’s unlikely that you’ll get a reading that is 100% accurate or even relevant. This is because automated readings are computer generated and pre-written, the information you receive isn’t specific to you.

However, automated readings may offer a reasonably good option for a free reading if you really can’t afford to pay a psychic for an individual one-to-one session. The theory behind these readings is that your intuition guides you and that something called “synchronicity” occurs. This means that you’ll get the answers you need, because you have put out the intention to find answers or solutions to your problems.

It’s important to understand the limits of automated readings, they are generalized, and cannot ever relate specifically to you. The best way to get accurate psychic information will almost always involve payment.

Free psychic chat rooms

Some people log in to free psychic chat rooms with the hope of getting a free reading, and the truth is, you may be able to get someone to read for you in a psychic chat room. However, people offering free psychic advice in chat rooms are often beginners or amateurs, who are testing out their psychic skills.

You may hit the jackpot and find a new psychic who is truly gifted, but it’s more likely that all you’ll get is a reading from a well-meaning person who likes the idea of becoming a psychic. Anyone can claim to be a psychic, and your reader just may not have the necessary gifts.

If you’re lucky, your “free” psychic may have psychic skills but could lack experience and expertise. This means that they might deliver information to you in a way that is, at best tactless, and at worst harmful. Most ethical psychics train and study, to hone their skills, so that they can give readings in a sensitive and compassionate way. Some psychics also have recognized counseling skills that help them to work with customers that are experiencing distress.

Even worse is that you’ll often find “trolls” in internet chat rooms; these are people who take pleasure in upsetting other people by using the anonymity of the internet to be hurtful. A troll can quite happily make up a frightening or negative prediction to upset you deliberately.

You also need to look out for psychic scams in chat rooms, your lovely new psychic friend could be trying to lure you into a false sense of security so that you’ll visit their website and pay for a reading from them. They often do this by telling you that you’re cursed or hexed and that they can fix this for you, for a payment, of course!

Spiritualist mediums

One of the only ways to get a free reading is to visit a Spiritualist church. Spiritualist churches hold regular meetings where a medium takes to the platform to provide evidence of life after death. Mediums do not offer general psychic advice or make predictions. If you’re looking to make contact with a loved one who has passed over, but can’t afford to pay a medium, this may be a way for you to get a short, free reading.

However, you need to understand that there’ll be many people in the congregation also hoping for a message from a loved one, and you may have to visit several times before a medium makes contact for you.

Also, many mediums working at Spiritualist churches are beginners or amateurs, so the quality of your brief reading may not be as high as you’d expect from an experienced platform medium. You might also be expected to make a donation to the church during the service.

You get what you pay for

So, as you can see, it’s true that you get what you pay for. If you want an accurate psychic reading that is 100% specific to you, you’ll need to make an appointment with a psychic and pay for the reading.

While many psychics are spiritual people who genuinely want to help others, it’s unfair to expect them to donate their services for free; like everyone else psychics have to earn a living and deserve to be paid for their skills.


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