Numerology Readings: Decode Your Future With Numbers

Numerology is the name given to the process of decoding the numbers that hold significance to our lives through a series of difficult methods that are privy to only a select few. In essence, numerology is the study of hidden and difficult to read connotations that numbers hold.

As mathematics is intrinsically a series of scientific methods applied to numbers created by human beings, the idea that those very same numbers may yield specific patterns in relation to our lives is not as farfetched as some may think. The process and interpretation of numerology is thought to reveal a secret and intricate psychic reading that can be derived from something entirely man-made.

Numerology readings are created via the medium of a very specific mathematical equation and we all believe in maths, so why should numerology be any different?

So what does a Numerology Reading entail?

That depends on the kind of numerology reading you chose. Many websites and venues offer numerology compatibility reports, yearly forecasts, personality profiles and much more. A standard numerology reading consists of:

Your Life Path number

The most important number in any numerology chart is the Life Path number. A life path number is derived from adding up the date of your birth in a specific sequence. This part of a numerology reading will reveal the path that you are destined to follow throughout your life, and that will indicate latent talents and abilities that will help you to achieve goals that will keep you on that path.

Your Destiny Number

Sometimes known as the expression number, this is the next most important number in your reading. Derived by calculating the numerical values of your name, this reveals potential talents, natural abilities and character traits. Your destiny number tends to hold particular significance to work and career aspects of your life.

Your Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge Number is the third most important number in any numerology reading and is derived by adding the vowels that appear in your full name. It describes the inner motivation and the potential abilities and obstacles that may arise as a result of it. This number is often used to determine your personal point of view.

Your Birthday Number

Your birthday number points to several important personality traits and characteristics and, as the least important number in the reading, it is simply deduced from of the number of the day you were born on.

Will my Numerology Reading be the same as someone else’s?

Many argue that the outcomes of numerology readings are generic, because if you are born on the same day as someone else, you will have the same reading for that specific area and the chances of each section of the reading generating the same number for multiple people is quite high.

This makes duplicate readings a common occurrence in numerology, but a common occurrence which does not take anything away from the reading itself. Just think, people that are born under a certain star sign are said to have the same traits, lucky numbers and favorite colors…

Numerology readings are designed to be applied to all, offering broader outlines in their specific fields than any other reading. You may find that your own and your best friends readings both reveal the number 8 for your soul urge number, but once the script for that number is applied to you both individually, they take on entirely new meanings. Don’t forget, seeing a numerologist in person will give you a more specific reading than one done online.

If a Numerology Reading tends to be generic, why should I get one?

A numerology reading is broad but not necessarily generic. Numerology serves to give you an extensive picture of yourself, allowing you unique insight into the diverse parts of your personality. This insight can give you the tools you need to work on yourself, make the most of your strengths and to focus on your weaknesses, and to explore avenues that you may not have realized were open to you for the future.