What Is Psychic Channeling?

Psychic channeling in its most basic form is defined when an individual has the ability to receive and relay information from an entity outside of their selves, usually whilst in a meditative or trance-like state.  Many of us mistake psychic channeling for a typical movie séance, where a medium asks participants to hold hands around the table moments before her head drops down. When the medium lifts her head again, she is often glassy-eyed and speaking in another voice.

Of course this is not completely fantastical, there are many mediums that can channel a spirit directly in the same (yet much less dramatic) manner, but psychic channeling actually comes in many more forms; psychic healing, telepathy, automatic writing and the ability to use a ouija board all fall under the same category.  As many of us have at least some amount of latent psychic ability, you may have accidentally tapped into psychic channeling at some point, but dabbling with it without experience is extremely dangerous.

Who Do Psychic Channelers Channel?

A psychic channeler can channel more entities than you may first think. On the whole, psychic channelers generally communicate with the dearly departed, but some have been known to communicate with angels and demons and in some extreme circumstances, even living people. Remember, the art of psychic channeling is simply receiving and relaying information from an outside source, so the source simply needs to be ‘outside’.

How Does Psychic Channeling Work?

Some experts believe that psychic channeling is the connection of a conscious mind to a particular, and often higher frequency. These experts believe that we are all connected to one great energy source and that the ability to channel psychically is the individual mind making a connection to that source. Other experts believe that the gift is simply a direct link to the great beyond, a reception of directed thought that is projected from the spirit world.

There are many different ways that a psychic channeler can channel an entity no matter which explanation is believed. Methods of psychic channeling will differ depending on who you speak to, but as with any hobby/art/trade, they utilize whatever method feels comfortable. Some channelers find that music helps them to communicate.  Avid readers and creative writers prefer to communicate through automatic writing. Recorded methods of communication range from dancing and sports to gardening. Because psychic channeling is a form of connection, the goal is to find the right frequency or open psychic link and work with it to communicate.

Having said that, psychic channeling falls under two main categories; the first is Trance Channeling and the second is Conscious Channeling.

Trance Channeling requires the channeler to reach a very deep meditative state, effectively relinquishing full control of the physical body. This allows the communicating entity to take full control, utilizing both the body and voice of the channeler as it needs, without the knowledge of, or interference from, the channeler. Trance Channeling requires a third party or some form of recording equipment as he or she will have no recollection of the event upon waking. Trance Channeling produces clear and concise material as there is little to no conscience interference with the received information.

Conscious channeling requires the channeler to be fully conscious during all communications, allowing the entity more limited access than trance channeling grants, but is a safer way for the channeler to work with the entity. Conscious channeling allows a blend of both internal and external expression and can offer more diverse information as a result. Conscious channeling encompasses the use of ouija boards, séances, automatic writing, psychic healing and telepathy.

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